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dark usable | a simple k700i theme 2005-05-25

This is probably the most basic theme for the Sony Ericsson k700 you will ever find :)
I made it about a year ago just when I got my k700i and all these animated and colourful themes were going on my nerves. Reason: They look cool but are very hard to read and use in the everyday usage.

a dark simple theme for Sony Ericsson k700i

Free download: dark usable (23 kb)


Anonymous sagt: 28.04.2006

wat is the point, it is jus a waste of space

Dominic sagt: 29.04.2006

Well, it’s exactly not. It is one of few designs that don’t clutter every pixel possible with colourful eye-catching graphics, giving you some free space to breathe.

I’ve been using this one for years now and I never felt like using any other, more colourful.
After all, I want to use my phone, not stare at it.

Mark sagt: 17.05.2006

Different horses etc…but it is possible to have themes that look great and are easy to read. I don’t personally find white on black easy on the eye. Do you use the same wallpaper for your computer?

Dominic sagt: 17.05.2006

In fact, I don’t have a wallpaper at all on my computer, just the default bluish background. :)
I find them mostly irritating and distracting. But sure, there are some good ones. But more bad ones.
Plus, there are also other people that like just basic themes. Have a look at this weblog theme a lot of people are using, though it’s only some minimalistic grey boxes.

About the phone theme: I’ve been experimenting a bit and white on black turned out to be the best for me — think about reading little displays directly in the sun, shaking in a bus or train, or other extreme conditions. That’s just different from reading from PC monitors in a room.
Most laptops suffer the same problem.

I also tried white on grey, black on grey, grey on black, etc. but that didn’t work, because it is not possible to set the colour of the text box you type your short messages in — it is always white!

Anonymous sagt: 30.05.2006

Wonderful theme, allows me to use different dark background images for my phone which is pretty nice :) Thanks a lot!