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Optimus Keyboard 2005-07-17

The nerd’s best friend: the Optimus keyboard.

Optimus Keyboard

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment.

Think of this: 130 single OLEdisplays. This won’t be cheap but will be the eye-catcher on your desktop.
Of course this won’t make much sense for the 10-finger-blind-typing.
Besides that: It can really help you a lot to see what function is currently assigned to a certain key, think of all the shortcuts in Photoshop or other programs, tutorials with keys blinking in a certain order or things like that.

This design study by Russian studio “Art. Lebedev” is not yet in production but they hope it will be released in 2006. I really hope so!


savage-man sagt: 05.02.2006

dud that is the coolest where can i get one

savage-man sagt: 05.02.2006

ok i thought i wuld B.S. me but apparently not if you know where to get one tell me savage-manhotmail.com

Anonymous sagt: 24.03.2006


Dominic sagt: 05.02.2006

This thing is not out yet, so you have to be patient. :)

blue icee sagt: 29.03.2006

Man, i must know where to get one, if anyone knows please, i beg for please to tell me abut it, i really would love to get one of these keyboards for my computer, DANG, its reakin awesome, its freakin awesome, my computer will look even awesome to get pone of these, i really appreciate to recieve when thse come out, im from San Antonio, Texas, and they should be relaeased in this city