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What's the point in Firefox ads? 2006-04-16

Don’t get me wrong: I really like to use Firefox and I think it’s a good piece of software, but I don’t see a point in advertising some free and open source web browser in offline media, especially in print or on TV, where every single appearence costs thousands of $s or €s and the impact is very little to nothing.

To me it seems some people want to play with the “big guys” they hate so much.
After all: The only one that really earns money from the spread, and thus would be interested in it, is Google (they never do evil, remember?), as it is the default search engine in Firefox and only few people will change that.
They even pay money for every new user you refer to Firefox with the “Google toolbar”:http://toolbar.google.com/firefox/.
But running browser ads on TV is just a big waste of money.

Besides that: “Weeee!”:http://www.firefoxflicks.com/flick/index.php?id=19542&c=false