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dmig | a minimalistic theme for bBlog 2005-05-22

I’ve just created a template/skin/theme (whatever you call it) for the blogging software bBlog and you can download it here for free.

Download: dmig.zip (18 kb / bBlog 0.7.2 – 0.7.4 compatible)

dmig template for bBlog

If you think it looks familiar, it probably reminds you of the old layout of Design made in Germany, which this is a tribute to.
Thanks for permission again to “Martin Rack”:http://www.martinrack.de!

I am thinking about releasing it for WordPress in the future, so if you might like that, you could drop me a line or a comment as an extra motivation that would probably speed up the process. ;)

Comments, wishes, and recommendations are always welcome.
Also, if you decide to use the template, feel free to add a comment with link to your site, as I would like to see who uses it.


* 2005/06/02 improved dmig theme is now official part of “bBlog 0.7.5”:http://www.pixelpope.com/journal/14/bblog-075-is-out.htm

  • 2005/05/22 first release for bBlog 0.7.4