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Appleseed: Another milestone in anime history 2006-05-02

I’m not an anime expert, so I’m sorry (well, I’m not, I’m just pretending) if this is not new for you. But it was for me and I happened to really like it. This one is just great: From the makers of the anime classic »Ghost in the shell« comes Appleseed, something I would call another milestone in anime history.
It was in cinemas last year (depending on where you live), so it should be available on DVD since a couple of months.


It looks just awesome. As far as I can tell, the whole movie was built in some 3D app and rendered with filters, reducing the number of colours, which gives the characters a more hand drawn 2D look. The mixture of both looks just great and is what future animes will have to match with.
Also, you can see an unbelievable love for details, just everywhere.

Screen caps can only give you a glimpse, so check out the trailer to see what I’m talking about.


Beside the great looks, the action scenes rock and the story is cool.
As far as I can tell from some webpages, this seems to be a remake, based on an anime of the same name from 1988. But again, I’m not the expert. And I guess this doesn’t make the movie any worse.

Screen captures taken from “Moviereporter”:http://www.moviereporter.net/images/97/appleseed.html.