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Don't use bBlog, please 2006-07-13

It really gets me into a strange mood to say this, but:

People, please don’t use bBlog anymore.

The reason is simple: The last release dates from 18th of July 2005, and if you do the math, that is exactly a year. Nothing has happend since then. No updates, no bugfixes, not a lot of support.

And it was another year before that, that nothing has happened to the bBlog code, except a couple of critical bug fixes. So you can roughly say, that piece of software wasn’t really touched for about two years. And as you count web years like dog years, that’s really a long time.

I’m not saying that it’s bad, just because it’s not brandnew. The main problem you will be facing is comment and trackback spam if you decide to run bBlog these days. Sure there are workarounds, but if you leave an install as is, you’re about to face thousands of comments to each article you post.

Also, you will not find any more new themes, plug-ins, or new features.

I was involved in the last two releases, and it was fun. But to be honest, bBlog has been out-dated by a lot of blog software, including Wordpress and Drupal to name some of the most popular. They are easier to use and administer, have much more to offer and are constantly updated.

Go, find something better. And remember bBlog.


clinton bowen sagt: 22.07.2006

okay, now that you have mentioned it I think i will change me blog to drupal.

Dominic sagt: 24.07.2006

I think Drupal is a good choice. It’s good for blogs and similar sites. Hope you find something to convert your entries.