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MacFusion: mounting FTP/SFTP with integration into the Finder (OS X) 2007-07-31

This is fun: MacFusion mounts FTP/SFTP connections so they appear in the Finder and are accessible by any application. This means you can move files from and to the server just like with any other drive.

A great thing: This way you can edit files directly on your server with your favourite text editor (just in case VI is NOT your favourite editor; otherwise you’ve been doing this for 30 years).

MacFusion is just the GUI for FUSE ported to the Mac by Google. In order to run MacFusion you need to install MacFUSE (and SSHfs for SSH-support) first.

Did I mention it is free?

Oh and one thing to know: The OS X finder will automatically create hidden .DS_STORE files in each directory (for saving the view settings), which is pretty annoying, but you should know about.