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Nero 7 sucks 2006-05-23

I am very sorry to say this but I am also very angry right now. I’m in a hurry and need to burn 3 DVDs, but I also have to reboot (another pc, not this one) after every disc, so I have a minute to write this:

Nero 7 sucks

I just paid around 40€ for upgrading from Nero 6 to Nero 7 and I happen to notice that the »all new« Nero 7 is just a buggy collection of software. And I don’t mean small glitches, like English text popping up, even though I installed the German version.

I am talking about Nero BackItUp telling me that the rest of my 10 gigs of data won’t fit onto the same DVD (smartass). And simply quitting the burning process instead of asking for another disc:

bq. Unfortunately your multisession disc is now full. The remaining free space of 1657 MB on this disc is insufficient to write your data of 1804 MB. Therefore this multisession backup cannot be continued.

What the hell?

I am talking about Nero Burning Rom — the burning software that everything started with, the software you should expect to be working perfectly — becoming completely unresponsive after burning a DVD. Not even killing it through the taskmanager and restarting works. I have to fracking reboot my pc after every single disc I burn!

I used to be quite satisfied with Nero 6. The Burning Rom worked perfectly. Recode was pretty cool and I even used Vision Express to author DVDs.

Well, that’s 40€ down the toilet. And I can’t even sell it on eBay because it was the download version.


Anonymous sagt: 22.06.2006

Well actually i also have the downloaded version of Nero 7 and have not seen to have any problems at all with this software, i think it is more your computer or cd burner stuffing it up.

All ive heard is that Nero 7 is the most powerful burning software around.

Dominic sagt: 22.06.2006

Well, I’ve not had any problems with Nero 6 on the same computer + burner, so I consider that quite unlikely. If it works allright for you, lucky you.

Dirk sagt: 31.07.2006

I have to agree. I had no problems with Nero 6 at all. Installed Nero 7 on both my work and home PCs and have had nothing but trouble ever since: freeze ups, bad burns, burns that complete and verify succesfully but can’t be read in other players, power calibration errors, and the list goes on and on. Again, never had any trouble on either computer using Nero 6. Applications just seem to get worse and worse with every “upgrade” these days. Nero sadly is no exception.