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Very funny, Apple 2006-06-06

Figure 1: the free version (left) and Quicktime Pro (right)

Can you see the difference? It’s the German version, but that doesn’t matter (I hope), guess you get the point: There is no difference. At least not here. It implies that you can downlod every movie if you buy the Pro version of Quicktime. But after you buy it, the “save as …” link becomes greyish and incative.

Not like I was buying it for downloading movies from the net. There’s other and cheaper ways (disk cache in Firefox). But if I had bought it for that reason, I would be a kinda pissed to find out that you can’t.

Addition from June 14th: It seems that you have to wait untill the movie has completely finished loading in your browser, before the “save as …” becomes clickable. This is not very good usability, is it.