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Ductype | foundry for pixelfonts 2005-05-11

Ductype Logo
Let me introduce ductype to you.

Ductype is a German font foundry, specialised in pixel fonts, that was founded in 2004.
On their website, you can browse through their catalogue and preview the fonts in a Flash box where you can edit the text and switch between the different styles.

Normally I don’t like full Flash websites, because I think it’s not necessary. But in this case it even makes sense, as these fonts are mainly for Flash artists and developers. The preview in Flash is a very neat feature.

The pope is dead, long live the pope! 2005-05-08

Welcome to this new journal!

I plan on providing you with links, tutorials, and information on pixel style, webdesign and development, as well as icon design.
Let’s see how much I will stick to this plan :)

Dominic Frohlof, the Pixelpope