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Free (and useful) Download Manager 2006-09-23

Free Download Manager is a free (oh, really?) and powerful download manager for Windows.

It offers all you can ask a download manager to do: It can split downloads into chunks for simultanous download, resume and time downloads for later, limit bandwith, and, of course get files from ftp, http, https sites. It just does what it should and is easy to use.

Seriously, I’ve been looking for this for years. 5 stars, period.

Simple and fun 2006-09-19

The episodes of Purple and Brown are simple, short, and fun. Even for “grown ups”.

Via nmig

Don't use bBlog, please 2006-07-13

It really gets me into a strange mood to say this, but:

People, please don’t use bBlog anymore.

The reason is simple: The last release dates from 18th of July 2005, and if you do the math, that is exactly a year. Nothing has happend since then. No updates, no bugfixes, not a lot of support.

And it was another year before that, that nothing has happened to the bBlog code, except a couple of critical bug fixes. So you can roughly say, that piece of software wasn’t really touched for about two years. And as you count web years like dog years, that’s really a long time.

I’m not saying that it’s bad, just because it’s not brandnew. The main problem you will be facing is comment and trackback spam if you decide to run bBlog these days. Sure there are workarounds, but if you leave an install as is, you’re about to face thousands of comments to each article you post.

Also, you will not find any more new themes, plug-ins, or new features.

I was involved in the last two releases, and it was fun. But to be honest, bBlog has been out-dated by a lot of blog software, including Wordpress and Drupal to name some of the most popular. They are easier to use and administer, have much more to offer and are constantly updated.

Go, find something better. And remember bBlog.

A public tragedy 2006-07-11

I admit it. I also was a fan of Knight Rider when I was… like 15 years younger.
That’s a long time, isn’t it? Well, I grew up.

David didn’t and it gets me an awkward feeling to regret, that I once was a fan:

Or maybe this is just pure satire and David has a great sense of humor and self-irony. hmm…

Very funny, Apple 2006-06-06

Figure 1: the free version (left) and Quicktime Pro (right)

Can you see the difference? It’s the German version, but that doesn’t matter (I hope), guess you get the point: There is no difference. At least not here. It implies that you can downlod every movie if you buy the Pro version of Quicktime. But after you buy it, the “save as …” link becomes greyish and incative.

Not like I was buying it for downloading movies from the net. There’s other and cheaper ways (disk cache in Firefox). But if I had bought it for that reason, I would be a kinda pissed to find out that you can’t.

Addition from June 14th: It seems that you have to wait untill the movie has completely finished loading in your browser, before the “save as …” becomes clickable. This is not very good usability, is it.

French guy proposes tax on emails 2006-05-31

I’m laughing my ass off.

Alain Lamassoure, a French guy in the European parliament makes a fool of himself and obviously wastes French and European tax money on rediciulous ideas:

He proposes to put taxes on e-mails and text messages. What a joke, eh?
He thinks about 0.00001 €-Cents per e-mail and 1.5 €-Cents per text message.

Ok, I could see that it would be possible (not that it makes sense) to get the money from the local mobile phone providers. But does he have the slightest clue about how communication happens via the internet?

How backwards is he that he’s still thinking in terms of national borders and taxes?

My proposal: Put taxes on your stupid ideas. The more stupid they are, the more you have to pay.

1000 numbers 2006-05-31

This is a pretty nice and simple idea:
A guy paints the numbers from 1 to 1000 and sells them on the internet.

Don’t start to babble around that it is just numbers painted on a canvas, that you can get it cheaper, and that it’s just a Millondollarhomepage copy.
That’s all true, I know it, you know it, Sala knows it. But it just doesn’t matter, because it works. I also got one. :)

The dumbest Mac users 2006-05-27

Ever. I swear.

Wish they had smashed their new MacBooks together or on the ground.

Nero 7 sucks 2006-05-23

I am very sorry to say this but I am also very angry right now. I’m in a hurry and need to burn 3 DVDs, but I also have to reboot (another pc, not this one) after every disc, so I have a minute to write this:

Nero 7 sucks

I just paid around 40€ for upgrading from Nero 6 to Nero 7 and I happen to notice that the »all new« Nero 7 is just a buggy collection of software. And I don’t mean small glitches, like English text popping up, even though I installed the German version.

I am talking about Nero BackItUp telling me that the rest of my 10 gigs of data won’t fit onto the same DVD (smartass). And simply quitting the burning process instead of asking for another disc:

bq. Unfortunately your multisession disc is now full. The remaining free space of 1657 MB on this disc is insufficient to write your data of 1804 MB. Therefore this multisession backup cannot be continued.

What the hell?

I am talking about Nero Burning Rom — the burning software that everything started with, the software you should expect to be working perfectly — becoming completely unresponsive after burning a DVD. Not even killing it through the taskmanager and restarting works. I have to fracking reboot my pc after every single disc I burn!

I used to be quite satisfied with Nero 6. The Burning Rom worked perfectly. Recode was pretty cool and I even used Vision Express to author DVDs.

Well, that’s 40€ down the toilet. And I can’t even sell it on eBay because it was the download version.

Suse 10.1 released 2006-05-11

SUSE Linux 10.1 is out as of today. Included is Xen 3.0 for virtualization and Xgl for pretty cool graphics effects. Sounds interesting.

The servers are groaning under the load, so it was barely possible to download the “.torrent”:/downloads/SUSE-Linux-10.1-GM-i386.torrent.